Casa Roja (The red house) was built in the year 1850 by Don Ruperto Gonzalez Negrin. Until the mid 20th century part of the main building was used to store animals including chickens, goats and camels, but the front area increasingly became a busy meeting place for tradesmen.

Fisherman from all over Europe would bring a variety of fresh fish, especially herring, sardines, mackerel and bream. As quickly as the goods came into the red house, they were dried, salted and then sold mainly by the local Canarian women. At this point in time Casa Roja was a renowned trading area, and became an important symbol of the Varadero community.

Over the following years three families resided at the red house, one of which turned part of the building into a small shop selling groceries. Mainly the building served as a storage area until the end of the twentieth century when it was eventually reinvented as a restaurant.

The restaurant has changed hands several times over the years, but the original structure of the building has always remained the same. Casa Roja Lanzarote still maintains its status as the most important landmark in the old town of Puerto Del Carmen, and one of the finest restaurants in Lanzarote.

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